Socioenvironmental Responsibility

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Social projects

COPELMI believes that in order to grow, it is very important to integrate with employees, customers, suppliers and the communities where we operate. One of the aspects of this integration are our different programs aimed at social responsibility. Among them, we highlight the following:

– Company awareness at all levels seeking engagement in the social responsibility process.

– Training new employees in COPELMI’s values and social projects.

– Expansion and development of social programs through campaigns and projects in the vicinity of our company site.

– Activities of an informative and training nature aimed at promoting social responsibility in the working environment, at employees’ home, and within the community in general.

Methods of social projects

– Promote the creation of volunteer groups to disseminate our company’s social policy by way of theater, music and other playful methods, with direct and immediate use in the community.

– Get all third-party companies involved in the production process to participate in our social projects, following the new concepts adopted by our company, with the representatives of the said third-party companies taking part in training courses, lectures and other activities.

– Form partnerships with government institutions and members of the organized civil society such as NGO’s and associations for organizing and maintaining projects.

– Receive, make viable and carry out, in partnership, social projects within the community.


Meet our social initiatives

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Meet our social initiatives

Learn about sustainability