COPELMI has been extracting coal from the ground since 1883, which means we have been contributing towards development and generating energy for more than one century. A pioneer in coal exploration in Brazil, today our company is responsible for more than 80% of the country’s industrial-use coal.

COPELMI holds a mining concession for more than 3 billion tons of coal. The company is proud to contribute towards the development of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil.

Our company adopts strict criteria of socioenvironmental responsibility. In addition, we ensure the protection and maintenance of employee health by offering them the best working conditions.

This concern is extended to the towns where mining is carried out, where COPELMI fosters social well-being by forming partnerships with the communities.


Mine coal in order to supply energy with socioenvironmental responsibility.


Be a market leader and benchmark with innovative solutions and a competitive spirit.


The distinct processing of different coal layers allows COPELMI to offer a wide and high-quality line of products, giving customers complete satisfaction.

The basic characteristics of the main products we sell are:

Calorie Kcal/Kg3.1004.2004.5004.7005.200
Ash %54%40%38%35%30%
Humidity %15%15%15%15%15%
Sulfur %<1,3%<1,2%<1,5%<1,2%<1,0%
Granulometry mm25×050×050×050×050×0

Production process

The production process developed by COPELMI uses the world´s most modern coal mining technology. From planning to the subsequent mining stage, the principles of sustainability, respect for the environment and social concern guide all of our activities.

For COPELMI, extracting and processing coal is just a means. Our main objective is to ensure energy for sustainable development, making it possible for all human beings to achieve their goals.



Meet our social initiatives

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Meet our social initiatives

Learn about sustainability